2021 KRI Level 1 Teacher Training Course

Are you ready to explore how Kundalini Yoga and a yogic lifestyle can harmonize, uplift and awaken your human potential? Join lead teacher, Krishna Kaur, for our upcoming online level 1 teacher training course. Krishna’s heartfelt approach and daily presence signals her commitment to you becoming a Kundalini Yoga teacher with resilience, compassion and joy. This course allows you to learn from a roster of guest trainers as well to expand different teaching styles. You will learn a lot as you journey to becoming “The Possible Human”. Now is the time.

Elevate Beyond “OK” Workshop

Spring is a perfect time to open the space to ELEVATE BEYOND just being “OK”. Having the powerful tools of Kundalini Yoga to heal, build meaningful strength, gain mental clarity, and discover the depth of your personal power and grace, will be your friend for life. Don’t wait. Now is good.