Conscious Communication – Aug 18/19, Aug 25/26 and Sep 8/9

Seventh Chakra Yoga, Huntington Beach, CA


Harmonious communication happens where there is oneness between the spheres of
intelligence and consciousness. Where heart and head meet.
If you cannot accept each other, you cannot talk to each other.  ~Yogi Bhajan


Usually, we each communicate from the narrow perspective of our own experiences. We sense only part of the reality and do not know the art of speaking meditatively, listening deeply or using intuition. The KRI Level Two Certification Program in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is designed to give you the experience of these tools. Through this Level Two module, you will learn: The Power of Creative Dialogue How to Nurture Relationships with Conscious Communication To Gather Awareness to Support Your Communications To See Hidden Agendas Coloring Your Relays Plus much more & an abundance of tools and techniques in service to the art of Conscious Communication.