Getting to know Krishna Kaur!

Chrissie Stereo hosts an hour-long conversation with Krishna Kaur, live in her downtown LA radio studio. The conversation explores Krishna Kaur’s journey into Kundalini Yoga and can be watched here: The Master’s Playground: Krishna Kaur

YouTube Krishna Kaur

Krishna Kaur shares some insight into her life’s devotion to service…she describes learning to follow the way of the divine without too much questioning, by trusting intuition. She exudes humility, grace and gratitude.

Krishna Kaur talks about her role as a teacher and how she give student, both children and adults a glimpse of their own true nature… challenging them expand to their full capacity.

Chrissie Stereo artfully delivers a beautiful show filled with music, playful questions and some tender, heart-warming moments. Enjoy, Sat Nam!


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