Let Go For Real at Omega Institute Rhinebeck NY from May 19-24

The art of letting go is the basis for successful living. Releasing past mistakes, past relationships, and old feelings of shame or regret is the most direct recipe for happiness and fulfillment in all facets of day-to-day being. Truly letting go grants us the sweet, peaceful space to mentally, physically, and emotionally enjoy this journey we call life.

In this workshop with celebrated Kundalini teacher Krishna Kaur, we use Kundalini Yoga techniques of breath, meditation, and mantra to tap into a deep inner stillness (shunia). Through postures and movements that stimulate and deeply relax the internal organs, glands, nerves, and muscles we unknot any and all tensions held in the body (kriya). Coaxing the mind to release subconscious memories, we feel refreshed and ready to add more joy, wellbeing, and purpose to each day.

“It’s not the life that matters,” Yogi Bhajan famously reminded us, “it’s the courage you bring to the life.” Join us for an elevating, fun-filled weekend and return home lighter, centered, and ready to live life to the fullest.