10-Day Global Meditation Journey

Sat Nam All,
Some things are stirring that are calling for our support right now. Listening to, hearing about, and praying on the activities that are taking place in the Ukrainian community, it is calling us, bringing us forth to be able to create a frequency that will shift the consciousness.

I invite you to join me every morning at 7:30 am p.s.t. for the next 10 days in meditation, in prayer. We will use the Meditation for the Arc Line and to Clear the Karma for the next 10 days to send a lot of loving prayer and energy for folks who are directly and indirectly impacted by this war will find some place of meaning and stillness in their lives. I would like us to try to help send them, project toward them, some energy that will help them find a place of stability.

Please join with me and let us hold and project the elevated frequency of healing that is needed now.

See you tomorrow. We begin.

We invite you to join Krishna on zoom at 7:30 am p.s.t. every morning for the next 10 days. This global meditation journey will be from February 26th through Monday, March 7th.