21 Stages of Meditation- Mexico City, DURGA kundalini



This course is suitable for all those who have a sincere interest in deepen their meditation practice. It is open to teachers and practitioners of Kundalini Yoga at all levels, and also to people who have gained experience in other meditation techniques. It is a requirement for certification of Level 3 KRI Teacher Training of Kundalini Yoga.

Meditation  has been used by different spiritual traditions for millennia as a tool to achieve an expanded state of consciousness. It is a skill that develops through disciplined practice and serves to clean and destructive habits and limiting beliefs. Through meditation the contemplative mind takes hold and the identity of being essential, beyond the ever-changing flow of external references is established. Currently, the meditation practice is invaluable for its effectiveness in managing stress, depression and mental or emotional fatigue, which have become truly global epidemics.

Yogi Bhajan left India in 1969 bringing the teachings of Kundalini Yoga. He dedicated his life to sharing technology that allows us to perform our life unlimited creative potential as human beings, free from personal, family or cultural constraints and achieve a comprehensive, balanced and happy life. Over the years, he shared hundreds of different meditations, each with specific effects on the consciousness of the practitioner. He described a sequence of 21 steps that are a real practical journey through vast and varied panorama of meditative consciousness, always towards the establishment of a deep and lasting peace.

Course Dates:

Part 1: Feb 12-14, 2016

Part 2: May 6-8, 2016


Durga Yoga

Chintamani Retreat Center. Yautepec, Morelos.


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