Being healthy and staying safe is our first priority right now. The ancient yogic healing techniques are here to help us stabilize our mental, physical and emotional bodies. all three combine to keep us safe by focusing on our breath, yoga kriyas, and mental stillness.

In times like these, we find ourselves triggered and activating our “fight or flight” reflexes. These very important instinctive responses work to disrupt our internal biological rhythm, causing us to more easily become sick – the very thing we’re trying to avoid!

Monday Night Yoga

For these Monday night classes, we will focus on simple yet powerful yogic techniques to strengthen the body’s natural support systems and give us mental clarity in these times. Hope to see you there!

Classes are every Monday from 7:00-8:30pm PT
Recommended Class Fee $10-$20 (no one will be turned away)
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Join us:
Meeting ID: 640 386 026

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Wednesday Morning Sadhana

Join Krishna every Wednesday morning during the ambrosial hours for a deeply nourishing sadhana practice.

We start at 4:30am PT and finish around 7:00am PT.

Join us:
Meeting ID: 992 6523 2063

Friday Meditations

Join Krishna the first Friday of the new month for an online meditation.

Classes are the first Friday of the new month from 11:15am to 12:15pm PT
Recommended Donation of $22 (no one will be turned away)
A portion of donations go to Y.O.G.A. for Youth

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Join us:
Meeting ID: 844 0642 8768

Krishna suggests you do a few minutes of stretching prior to the session.
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