Conscious Communication & Africa’s Golden Child


What would it mean for you to always speak from a place within yourself where there is unity with the infinite? In the Kundalini teachings of Yogi Bhajan, we call this intuitive speaking. This type of speaking comes from a place within that has no fear, no division, and no separation.

Now, imagine coming together to meet new people from around the world to practice speaking fearlessly from your intuition. Imagine a unique geographical location, a vibrant African city, that has surmounted enormous historical challenges to build itself into a place that is thriving, colorful, and alive with joy. Ghana is a success story, and so are you.

Ghana is known as Africa’s “Golden Child” because of its rapid growth, stable democracy, vibrant culture, and diverse wildlife. What better place to connect to The Golden Chain of Teachers than in Africa’s Golden Child? Radiant is a great word to use to describe the energy of Accra, Ghana’s capitol city, where we will practice special teachings Yogi Bhajan gave us to help us realize the creative potential each of us has with our words and presence.

Observe what it means to practice powerful kriyas and deep meditations in this location that is just a few degrees north of the Earth’s equator. This is energetically vital because it is a place where the energies of the Earth’s northern hemisphere balance the energies of the Earth’s southern hemisphere. When we meditate to go into what Yogi Bhajan called “true internal silence,” and we also hold an intention to tune in to the Earth’s energetic equilibrium, we can bring more equilibrium to our inner well-being. We learn to express that deeply-connected equilibrium and then project consciously; while we also maintain balance of the internal will, the heart, and the intuition.

You’ve heard the expression that location is key. Well, imagine the possibilities of using your applied consciousness to master your fifth chakra with an international community of yogis who choose to gather together in Ghana with the intention to be conscious communicators. By the grace of Guru Ram Das, we are blessed to have a setting such as Ghana to practice these teachings. Wahe Guru! Let’s get together and enjoy one another’s company in Ghana. Meet Krishna and Ram Singh in Accra in February 2020. Sat Nam!

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