What’s love got to do with yoga practice and Sadhana?  What’s love got to do with consciousness or awareness?  What’s love got to do with how we relate to ourselves and one another? What’s love got to do with the simple or difficult choices we have to make every day?

When it comes to the topic of love, we have gotten so focused on thinking that love is about our relationship with people and things.




But love is not a relationship with anything outside of us.  Love is mostly about how we relate and communicate internally.  Love is about our relationship with the internal dimensions that align with infinity and divinity.

Love relates to the spiritual intelligence of the heart.  Love demands depth of consciousness, patience, and humility – these are things we gain from daily spiritual practice or Sadhana.

Love has to do with balance and projection.  Our perceptions are influenced by the strong emotional power of love.  Yoga helps us to maintain clear perception by guiding emotion into devotion; thus, we can be clear in love, and our love serves the Self’s highest purpose.