Great Joy When a Vision Manifests

Karen Mendoza lives in Los Angeles. She completed Level One Kundalini Yoga teacher training with Krishna Kaur in July 2019. Her experience gave her the capacity to manifest a vision.

Karen shared about a time years ago when she was meeting up with some life challenges, she decided to create a vision board.

Karen says, “At the time I was into meditation, but it was more of a Deepak Chopra and other styles of meditation. But I recall so clearly that on that vision board, I put up the word Teacher, and I also put up the phrase Ghana 2020.”

Now, it so happens that Krishna Kaur will be leading Level 2 Conscious Communication teacher training in Ghana in February 2020, and Karen is amused by the serendipity and synchronicity of how this training coincides with the vision she had years ago, before she even knew Krishna Kaur.

Karen has completed Level One teacher training and has been teaching classes at RAMA East in Los Angeles. So to her it makes so much sense to enroll in Krishna’s Level 2 Conscious Communications in February 202 in Ghana.  This is perfectly aligned with her vision.

Her vision is manifesting, and it feels effortless and harmonious. She feels that this is a demonstration of the power of these teachings.

The teachings of Yogi Bhajan combined with the devoted way that Krishna delivers the teachings can fulfill a person’s visions and goals. Once a person enrolls in Krishna’s Level One, energy builds and she or he feels hooked.  Many students continue studying and practicing with Krishna because they feel that here is where the fountain of love, joy, youthfulness, and inspiration just keeps flowing. Wahe Guru!