Healing the Healer virtual summit

Sat Nam,
I would like you to meet a friend, who is a fellow healer and member of the yoga community. Montez Teferi is the founder of Ghenet Wellness and she has put together a virtual summit entitled Healing the Healer- a Caregivers Guide to a Healthy Mind and Body She works primarily as a massage therapist and women’s wellness coach. Her focus is on movement and muscular alignment, as well as spiritual and mental balance through self care. I am her first speaker on the virtual summit and I would like to invite you.
Please sign up at http://ghenetwellness.com. You will receive a copy of the interview as well as a complimentary gift from me. There will be several speakers over the next few days. I am sure you will gather a lot of information and I hope you will share it with others.
It’s starting soon so don’t forget to sign up at http://ghenetwellness.com.
Sat Nam,
Krishna Kaur Khalsa