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With gratitude and reverence, we asked a yoga teacher, Sat Kriya Kaur, who enrolled in Krishna’s Level Two teacher training on Vitality and Stress in Vancouver, Canada to talk a little bit about the training, yoga practice, and spiritual development.  Here is what she had to say:



  1. Are you setting an intention for this upcoming Level Two experience?

My intention is to build my teaching. I want to take in all of the information that I can. It is particularly important for me to connect with as many of the legacy teachers as possible, those who trained with Yogi Bhajan and the frequency he was sharing directly. It is important to me to keep the tradition going – these teachings are so important and have been life changing for me.

  1. Why did you choose to enroll in this program with Krishna Kaur?

This is my 4th Level Two course. I’ve been doing a Level Two course every year since completing my Level One and see this as my yearly pilgrimage into the teachings. I love Krishna Kaur, Guru Raj Kaur and Guru Dev – they teach beautifully together!

  1. Do you wish to share some profound insights or wisdom you’ve gained from your spiritual journey so far?

From the start I knew that this was the path for me from a spiritual perspective. Kundalini yoga has given me a tremendous amount of grace as well as tools to navigate life. This practice has also improved my parenting and sadhana has added a devotional space for me every day. During this time I can connect with the infinite truth and that part of myself that has brought so much healing to me, my family members and my community.

  1. How do you think this Level Two teacher training will make you a better yoga teacher?

This Vitality and Stress course is one of the best Level Two courses that I’ve taken. Each of the Level Two courses carry strong messages but this one has given me a great understanding of how stress works in the body with the science and physiology behind it. I loved experiencing these advanced practices, it was a rock star course! Profoundly transformative course – who doesn’t need to know how to work with their stress and re-distribute the energy that gets locked up in their bodies. The kriyas in this course are really powerful and effective to help synergize and improve functioning of the body.

  1. Do you wish to share some challenges you feel that a Level Two yoga teacher trainee faces at this stage of spiritual growth?

I would say that you definitely can’t shrink back once you step up. I sometimes need to face fears like “oh I’m not good enough”, but I’m not buying it and am going to keep blasting through!!!



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