Krishna’s Yoga Training was Nectar to Me

Level One Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training with Krishna Was Pure Nectar For Me

From my experience, Krishna Kaur’s Level One Teacher training provided an authentic and powerful yoga training that shaped me into a happy teacher.  But it also encouraged me to grow way beyond yoga and teaching.  I expanded my horizons in every part of my life.  I became a better mother, wife, classroom teacher, writer, and community volunteer.  My whole life changed from chaos to grace.  Kundalini Yoga Level One teacher training with Krishna helped increase my impact in my community.

This training is challenging.  But the serious commitment to Yogi Bhajan’s teachings pays off.  We braved the sweat and the tears.  We confronted our limits and rose above them.  Still, there was plenty of time to laugh, dance, have fun, break bread, relate deeply, and forge lasting friendships.  Facing the challenges ultimately felt rewarding.  So what if life gives pain?  We learned to keep up with a light heart.  So what if we are asked to commit to daily spiritual practice that feels overwhelming?  Eventually the practice fueled extraordinary inner energy, caliber, and inspiration, and we can excel exponentially.

Personally, I grew to perceive, know, and experience more meaning and more spiritual significance in every action in my life.  After weekend sessions in Krishna’s Level One, my every breath became charged with renewed spiritual power.  It felt awesome!

I completed Krishna’s Level One teacher training in 2014.  Since then, I have taught over 600 hours of yoga classes.  Plus, I have had energy and enthusiasm to volunteer in public libraries and schools teaching reading and writing.  I have brought yoga teachings to the homeless community.  I currently volunteer with Poetic Justice, a program that helps women in prison through therapeutic writing.  Because of Krishna’s example of teaching those who need it most, I follow her example, and I want to walk with her.  She has made me feel that she is always by my side.  And I feel that I never want to let her down.  This is such a meaningful connection.

In addition to yoga teaching and volunteering, I have stepped up so friends, family, and coworkers know they can count on me when they are in need.  I show up for those who need rides to school, a shoulder to cry on, math homework help, or a hand to hold on the deathbed.  Because of the teachings of Yogi Bhajan and the way I was taught to commit to these teachings, I feel that I always have energy for anyone around me who may be in need, no matter if they show up in a yoga class or are a person in need that I hardly know.  Years ago, I felt volunteering and selfless service were burdensome things, just required duties that get a person into heaven in the afterlife.  But with a daily Sadhana practice, stepping up to serve has become a natural part of life that generates the spread of pure joy, joy that fills my heart and extends beyond my heart to be felt and shared by surrounding loved ones here and now.  There is an energy of compassion that I never knew I had within me.  When we practice these teachings, compassion that is always available enjoys its full expression through collective human heart.

This is all because of the skills, teachings, and awareness I gained from Krishna Kaur’s level one teacher training.

For me, Krishna’s Level One Teacher Training was much more than a yoga teacher training; Krishna Kaur’s Level One Teacher training was a rebirth into compassionate living — my entire life amped up to a divine frequency; yet I remained grounded in my community and family in ways that I could deliver service with a genuine smile.  I was able to step into my excellence and potential as a human being and effortlessly uplift all the people around me.

I am forever grateful to Krishna and feel blessed.  I bow to her.  I have observed Krishna as a teacher who touches many people at their spiritual core.  She challenges us in the most graceful and fierce ways. She brings out the very best in everyone.  All those I have met who know Krishna love her.  Krishna’s Level One Teacher training is an opportunity to witness up close what it means to live according to the teachings of Yogi Bhajan.

If you want to know what the teachings of Yogi Bhajan have to offer us, just look at Krishna Kaur as an embodiment of truth, light, and undying wisdom.  Krishna gave me confidence that her same truth, light, and undying wisdom dwells within me, too.  She awakens truth, light, and wisdom in people all over the world.  May we keep up together, radiating infinite gratitude.  Sat Naam!

Yogi Ma, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, San Diego, CA

October 2019