Kundalini Yoga Techniques to Practice Forgiveness: Stockbridge, MA

Kundalini Yoga Techniques to Practice Forgiveness

August 30th – September 2nd, 2013

GreetingsEven good people doing good things in the world can get stuck in pain, sorrow, guilt, and feelings of regret that disrupt the flow of prana and thwart healing. This rewarding holiday weekend workshop offers a wide range of techniques to guide you on the path to forgiveness, the first step toward self-healing.

Kundalini Yoga is a bright and blissful experience of postures, mantras, and breathing practices that release reservoirs of energy and light. In this workshop, you stretch, sweat, laugh, dance, and meditate to stimulate the glandular system, vibrate the chakras, clear out subconscious garbage, and balance the hemispheres of the brain. Opening yourself to forgiveness of self, others, and past situations is the starting point to releasing doubt, negativity, limitations, fear, and anxiety. It is the balm that transforms the cleansing process into a deep healing experience.

Using movement to explore self-talk, stillness, and the transformational power of letting go, you discover a profound connection with self and a constant flow of joy. Come touch the sensitive and courageous person you are and unfold your beauty as a being of spirit.

Note: Wear loose, comfortable clothing, and bring a shawl or light blanket for meditation.

Kripalu Center

57 Interlaken Road

Stockbridge, MA 01262

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