Let Go for Real: Relax, Renew, Be You

Join Krishna Kaur at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health

September 11–13, 2015 Friday–Sunday


The art of “letting go” is the basis of successful living. To thrive in all aspects of life, you must let go of past mistakes, past relationships, and old feelings of regret that haunt you. Letting go gives you the space—mentally, physically, and emotionally—to relish being the awesome person you really are.

This weekend, learn how to let go using Kundalini Yoga techniques that allow you to meditate deeply with breath and mantra and find inner stillness (shunia). You’ll use postures and movements to stimulate internal relaxation in all the areas where tension is held in the body, and coax your mind to release subconscious memories. You’ll leave refreshed, lighter, and ready to bring even more joy into your life.

This program is for all levels.

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