Let Go for Real Workshop at Kripalu

The art of “letting go” is the basis of successful living. In this elevating and fun-filled program, Krishna Kaur uses the Kundalini Yoga techniques of breath, meditation, and mantra to invite you into deep inner stillness, where letting go of past mistakes, relationships, and old feelings of regret is possible. When you let go for real, you find the peaceful space needed to embrace the journey of life at every level of your being—physical, mental, and emotional.

Come explore postures and movements that stimulate and relax the internal organs, glands, nerves, and muscles, where tension is held in the body. Learn how to coax the mind to release subconscious memories so you can feel refreshed and ready to experience more joy every day.

Follow-up Kriyas and Meditations

AadNaad Kriya (click here)

Mandhavani Kriya (click here)