The Love I’m talking about (and what I feel from Tina Turner) is a love that’s strong, clear and willing to self-assess from a place of neutrality and grace. It is a love that can never be manipulated. Love as though your life depended on it. Live as though serving others is your way of life. Long to belong to the Divine like you have found your purpose in life.

Yogi Bhajan said: “The greatest DESIRE is the desire to become ONE with the ONE.” To long to belong is a process of experiencing that oneness. Loving yourself, and I mean really loving who you are and the gifts you are here to share, gives you the power to be you.


That’s when you can experience the peace, clarity and strength to keep moving forward on your personal journey to SELF FULFILLMENT. The love and the longing is exemplified in how you live our life, how you treat your body, and how you practice daily in order to control the mind.

I’m excited about this workshop – “Whats love got to do with it?” I am looking forward to sharing this concept with you and hearing your stories as well. It will be fun!

L is for LISTEN!