Omega “Let Go For Real” from May 19-24 with Krishna!

What about the ‘LET’: 

This workshop is amazing and super critical for the times as we make our way toward the energy of Aquarius. Letting go for real is a deep and loving process that helps us to open the space to see beyond the veil of illusion to what is real and not real.

This is not an intellectual process. We can’t just ‘think’ our way into the space of letting go. Even though we use the mind as a vehicle to get there. It is a process of ‘letting’, of allowing, this is what we will explore at the primary level of the body and all it holds in the glandular, and nervous systems in an effort to protect us.

Then we’ll explore that sacred space through meditation and breath that makes us feel uplifted and secure. And, we’ll enjoy each other in the process. I think you will love these six days together.



Don’t miss this celebration of YOU at Omega! Hope to see you there!