Sovereign and Strong – Aug 28

How to be Sovereign and Strong in Chaos

How are you doing? Really?

When you’re not being distracted by media or checking things off your to-do list, what emotional state do you find yourself in?

It’s a weird time right now, no doubt about that. Events and guidelines change daily and it can create feelings of stress and uncertainty. The reality for many is that they’re struggling, feeling alone, overwhelmed, and not sure what to do. Is that you?

So, how do you stay grounded, calm, and sane in a time of turmoil? You stay in your heart. And regardless of external events, this is your opportunity to create deeper trust in yourself and a remain open and optimistic about these changing times.

If you’re searching for an uplifting way to navigate this shift with bravery and love, I have an invitation for you…

My friend, Dr. Claretha Yeager, is hosting a complimentary online show that brings together 21 experts, including me, to share knowledge, wisdom, and practices to help you navigate your path, see beauty during transformation, expand your mind, and stay in your heart .

It’s called, Sovereign & Strong: How to See Beauty in Chaos, Shift Your Consciousness, and Create Peace Within. It begins August 24th, with Krishna’s interview on August 28th. You can reserve your FREE spot below.