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When Things Fall Apart – what do you do?
It takes strong Kundalini Yogies like us to manage the kind of triple threat challenges we are facing right now. At first, it was the shock of the allegations against our teacher and the harm experienced by beloved members of our 3HO family. Then, the universe sent us Covid-19, the fear of which still hangs over us like a murky shadow. Now, the call that Black Lives Matter has blown the lid off of decades of violence and injustices against Black people with the murder of George Floyd at the hands of the police. The Actual incident being captured on Social media infuriated the world and now, millions are clamoring for change in social and criminal justice systems everywhere. Wahe Guru!
Now, here we are, doing Solstice in our homes instead of at Ram Das Puri, under the beautiful expansive skies of New Mexico. A bit strange for us, but we will do it happily because, if you are thinking like me, these times could be a signal that the real dawning of the Age of Aquarius is upon us. In fact, I personally believe that our road into the Aquarian Age will be paved with challenges, disruptions, confusion, and many personal and cultural shifts. I further believe that those of us who seek to be among the agents of change will have to accept that things do fall apart.
Thank God for our teachings! The 5 Aquarian Sutras alone are a recipe for uplifting the way we see things, and the way we allow the things we cannot control to affect us. When Things Fall Apart, we are given an opportunity to wake up for real and, truly “live for each other and not at each other”; “see the faults in others and then un-see them”;  “Act don’t react”, and “see God in all or you can’t see God at all”. And above all, be willing to deepen our ability to forgive. It is also time to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. I think the kriya and meditation I have chosen will help us move through it all with grace. Let’s do it!
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