Summit of Hope: Black Lives Matter




Summit of Hope will be a 3-part virtual event that brings us together from coast to coast to develop effective, accountable action steps to help fight for freedom, justice and equality. We will begin with education; a critical step in sustainable activism. We will discuss specific ways for productive advocacy that will help incite change. We will learn from a professional equity director and will collaborate with activists, speakers and influential leaders to get us as uncomfortable as possible, so we might truly understand the work that must be done. We will end in solidarity together, so we can be strong, non-optical allies for the Black community for the rest of the days to come.
Summit of Hope is forever inclusive of every race, gender, sexuality, age and creed. Our inaugural event is also free. Voluntary donations to Grassroots Law Project will be accepted upon registration.
To join Krishna on Thursday June 25 (night two) at 5pm PDT and to find out more, click below.