Surrender at the Altar of L.O.V.E.

At a recent workshop at CommuniTea Yoga in Oceanside, we enjoyed an afternoon of releasing the past.  Releasing the past is a conscious process. We used a yoga set to first become more aware of the repeating thoughts that entrap the mind.  We became acutely aware that these thoughts get stored in the body, and the yoga set helped us become aware of where we hold these thoughts in the body.  We started to realize that what we thought we were doing right all along, may not be serving us or others.

We follow Yogi Bhajan’s advice, “Take your problems to your higher self, and drop them.”

Yes, let’s drop those problems!

We think we have problems. We spend a lot of time thinking over these problems, thinking up solutions. Remember, thoughts are just energy. Thoughts in the form of energy get stuck in the body. Become aware of a thought that repeats within you. Adjust and move the body and consciously engage the breath, and become aware of where that thought sits in the body.

Saturday afternoon, as we moved through the exercise in the Kriya for Morning Sadhana, we moved energy, brought awareness to those repeating thoughts, and then consciously brought relaxation to that part of the body where we felt that thought may be stuck.

We relaxed deeply, listening to Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda singing, “all that I am, I offer at the altar of love…. In sweeeeeet surrender.”

We practiced the meditation called Beam to Create the Future. And we closed this experience by quietly contemplating the wisdom of Pema Chodron as she reminds us that we have no enemies. We embrace her wisdom that guides us to “never shut anyone out of your heart.”

Get over all pains and heartaches and live in awareness of what it means to never shut anyone out of your heart. The human heart is a gift from the divine for you to live and dance and laugh in the freeing and uplifting frequencies and vibrations of L.O.V.E.  Sat Naam!

Krishna’s next workshop will be at Kripalu, Mar 28-31!