The Yoga Resolution! Workshop: Chicago, Ill

The Yoga Resolution!
Relax, Renew and Be YOU.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013 10:00am-5:30pm.
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Join us in welcoming the New Year, a time for reflection on the old and opening ourselves with clear intentions to welcome the new into full bloom.  Sat Nam Yoga Chicago is excited to host this one day intensive with one of the most powerful Kundalini Yoga teachers of our time.

RELAX “Release Fear-Allow Joy”
Start by giving yourself the gift to RELAX. Learn breathing techniques to release subconscious fears. We will have a discussion about the processes to dismantle unproductive patterns and how to access your inner strength so nothing overwhelms you. Put your mind at ease, you deserve it!

RENEW “Vitality Vs. Stress”
Revitalize and Recharge your nervous system, your brain and your glandular systems so you can feel alive and full of vitality. It has been scientifically proven that the more vitality you have the less stress you have. We will play with Yoga Postures and Movements to open the flow of subtle energy and joyously uplift your spirit!

BE YOU “Mind and Meditation”
Train your mind to serve your intention. Enjoy the neutrality of Shunia-a state of complete stillness and total awareness. We will use the science of Naad (sound) to expand your inner awareness. Yogi Bhajan says, just “BE YOU”! Drop the masks and the facades that once protected you, but now only imprison you and get ready for a fabulous New Year just BEing YOU.

Lets this be a part of your New Year’s Resolution.  Invest in yourself, plant the seed today and carry that intention into the New Year…..allow that seed to be nourished and let it crystalize itself on January 23rd!  So, call the sitter, make arrangements, do what you have to do!

Don’t miss this rare and intimate occasion as Krishna Kaur guides us on a courageous and graceful journey to embrace our spirit, radiate joy and tap into our inner strength so that everything in life becomes elevated.

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A friendly reminder…We’re closed New Years Eve and New Years Day.
Back on Wednesday 5:30pm beginners 7:30pm intermediate with Karampal.

Happy Healthy 2013!!

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