Three Great Beaches and Folk Traditions in Ghana



White sand and warm hospitality await you in Ghana for this upcoming Level 2. Not only will you be practicing yoga and meditation with your global spiritual family, but you will be able to explore the local beaches of Ghana. Here are a few examples:

  • Labadi Beach is a popular beach where there is a festive feeling. Enjoy street food and night-time bonfire parties. Dance to live music by local and international musicians or enjoy a horseback ride along the coast.
  • Bojo Beach promises a unique adventure. First, enjoy access to the beach by canoe ride over the Densu River. Then relish in the magic of a secluded walk or meditation on the beach.
  • Kokrobite Beach is outside of Accra and hosts an authentic Rastafarian culture. Feel the calm vibes and elevated spirits.

The Ga people occupy many lands along the Ghanaian coast. Ga people have their own language, beliefs, and customs.  Their music, sports, festivals, rites of passage, and funeral practices reveal the wisdom of these people.

One of their traditions is a ban on music in places held by Ga people. This is to appease the sea goddess Maame Water. This means for a couple of months a year, it gets very quiet in beach regions of Osu and Kokrobite, where the stereo basses run deep. Ga people take this practice very seriously, because Maame Water holds their luck for the coming year. To oppose her law would spell disaster for their crops. Keeping quiet will please Maame Water and will help the crops to grow so they can avoid such a famine that once devastated them in the past.

This Level 2 with Krishna Kaur and Ram Singh will give you an opportunity to explore your consciousness and these special beaches and special people. In the training, you will be with a wide range of people who are filled with longing and appreciation for applying these teachings in their lives.  Beyond the training, you will experience a cultural adventure. Enjoy deeper curiosity, patience, and understanding for all people. Realize customs and worldly wisdom you may never have realized existed. Experience diverse cultures and people from Africa and around the world as we gather for this unique offering in Ghana.

Sat Naam! I look forward to seeing you there!