This is a Yogic Contemplation of Love!
It is Valentines Day, now is a good time to
L-O-V-E- yourself like never before!


L- LISTEN to your heart. Your heart truly wants to serve your soul.

O – OPEN YOURSELF to the polarities of your mind.  Be still and open to transcending those polarities.

V- VALIDATE the truth within and bow to its power. Just be you.

E – ELEVATE the way you allow life to make you feel.  It’s always your choice.  When anything happens, consciously respond to life from your highest consciousness.



There is no need to be perfect when allowing LOVE to flow from you or to you. “Just BE you” (Yogi Bhajan). Just being you and allowing the same from others brings a sense of freedom, self-love, and true joy.  Access this flow by really letting go of constricting masks we wear in social situations.  We can become more aware of these masks and let them go by practicing invigorate yoga sets to expand the aura and open the channels of energy through which love can easily flow.  These practices can set in motion the process that gets your presence to work. This means that your radiant body will attract the good you deserve in your life.  You will walk in a room and light it up.


“The mind can be your best friend or your worst enemy” (Yogi Bhajan). We have often been trained to think in ways that no longer reflect who we really are inside. We want to be clear to see, understand, and not react. “Man jeetey jug jeet” (Change your mind, and you change your world). There are meditations and practices that help us focus on freeing the mind from the entanglements of “Mental Intrigues” so that we can let the love of life flow, no matter what is going on around us. Then we are free to enjoy every moment, laugh at stupid stuff, and just keep going!


Transforming the power of emotion, to a sense of devotion to the Divine that exists in everyone and everything, opens the way for greater understanding and clearer judgments. Inner peace and tranquility can be gained more easily when we process our feelings from a place of neutrality, and respond more appropriately to the situations we encounter. Ultimately, it is about how we allow the things we cannot change to affect us. Practicing kundalini yoga and meditation helps us to strive to remove some of the barriers of subconscious resistance, and go to a deeper, more uplifting experience of stillness and inner peace. Let go and let love be your inner guide to a more peaceful world!

If you enjoyed this article, register for Krishna Kaur’s What’s L.O.V.E. Got To Do With It at Kripalu.  You’ll love this workshop! The kriyas, meditations and teachings of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan are gifts worth sharing! Get ready to let go, go deep, have fun and enjoy the process.

Happy Valentines Day and MUCH LOVE!