Mother’s Day Meditation

Sat Nam Folks,

I’m holding that special place in my heart for all Mothers everywhere as we are approaching the celebration of Mothers Day.

As I think of mothers in general, I find myself smiling. When I hold a deep smile for them, my mother included, of course, the thoughts come.

It is good to remember that Mothers don’t have to be perfect. Just being a Mother is sufficient. I often want to just touch their feet for some reason. but, instead I find myself folding my hands in gratitude, or bowing my head when I pass them unnoticed on the street.

They don’t have to be great moms who raised great children or did all the right things for the world. They have already done enough just by turning their blood into milk for us, and giving the use of their entire body for months just so we can develop our own self or another whole human being. What a blessing!!

Moms, wherever you are, I hope you will take a moment to be still and let us cradle your spirit and all that you are to us and to the world. May the long-time Sun shine upon you forever.

In case you can’t see me, I’m hugging you right now as a big ole tear slides down my face!!

With all my love,
Krishna Kaur
& the Tenth Gate Team